Journey with D'B (JWD'B) is a live script; an attempt to live life without fear and to bring balance to the SOUL, SPIRIT & BODY - without shame. I'm on a journey to freedom in Christ alone, and you are welcome to join me - as we Shamelessly. Discover. Love. 


It all started when I made a decision with God to be completely free, free emotionally, free in spirit, soul and body. I agreed with God that regardless of the judgements and opinions of men, I wanted to be 100% free, free from strongholds, free from bondages, free from SELF, free from anything that hinders the expressions and impressions of Spirit life.

That said, on this page you will find me, my journey, mostly uneditted, the things I do & enjoy (some areas are only visible to registered users), how I learned to do them, spiritual and emotional growth, business and entrepreneurship strategies, how I started, travel, what I eat or do not eat and why (food), the good times, the hard times, the teary days (life, journey, adventure). 

Life is not perfect without Jesus, so people  should be given liberation from “wrong belief systems” and facades. I am not afraid to live again. One can truly live shameless and completely free - to be you - knowing that your life is a true testimony that Jesus is Lord!  Check out the Blog section where I share personal experiences - with a balance you can relate with. This is me!




Birthed through a 21 Day “Balanced” Challenge, this program is designed to help the soldier build stamina and discipline - addressing the three areas of the being simultaneously. At the end of each session, you are to follow through on your assignments. Sessions 'll help crush slothfulness, open the mind and spirit, and strengthen your joints and ligaments.

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Pray. Walk. Build. Achieve



A balanced life for me is a life that lives unto God, from the spirit, to the soul, to the body...the three aspects of your being. Words, dance, music, focus are strong communicators to the soul, hence the instruments used for each session will contribution to your absorption; this is achieved through activities such as meditation, prayer, reading, molding habits, workout, food, detox, fitness, etc.

At least 10 minutes daily.



During the course of fellowship & mentorship (yearly), mentees will be given many opportunities to travel or connect with me all over the world, to learn by seeing and living, to learn through sanctified experiences inspired by the great parakletos. This is a tour approach that feeds your spirit, soul and also your body with spirit life and vitality.

Upcoming: June/July 2020.

BOARD of 12"

An opportunity to fellowship, share, mentor those people that God has called me to mentor personally. Just as Jesus picked and  mentored 12 disciples personally, the grace of Him who has called me has come upon me to replicate and do as He did...even greater works. 

Registration 'll be open to public soon!


Journey with me...


Many of us have passed through life with secrets (more like darkness), we were told to be that way. Well, I have come to announce to someone that the only secret part of our lives that should stay secret is life with Holy Spirit, everything else should be lived out shamelessly and without fear. This is freedom!


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